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Quiet Glue Pro
Quiet Glue Pro
Quiet Glue Pro
Quiet Glue Pro
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Specification of Quiet Glue Pro

Quiet Glue Pro
Quiet Glue Pro is a kind of glue silencers (Visco Elastic Damping Compound). Quiet Glue Pro can be applied between two layers of rigid (Between 2 layers of gypsum, multiplex, GRC, etc.).

Quiet Glue Pro is the answer to your noise problem. Working methods of Quiet Glue Pro is utilizing the energy change. From the sound energy into heat energy in small amounts where you can not hear the heat energy.
Advantages Quiet Glue Pro
# Easy to Use
# Suitable Used To multiplex Nor Gypsum Partition Wall
# Does not require Special Exercises
# Low levels of VOC, water-based, Non Deposition
# Tested in Lab Tests By Number D3273 and ASTM E90
Specifications QuietGlue Pro
Model: QuietGlue Pro
Color: Yellow - Orange
Density Material Content:> 70wt%
Viscosity: 400000-800000 centipoise
Drying Time: 24-48 Hours
Reach Power: 16 sqft / tube; 73 sqft / gallon
Storage Temperature: 40 ° F - 100 ° F (Do Not Freeze)
Working Time: 15 minutes
Size: 28Oz Tube (Indonesia)
Applications QuietGlue Pro
# Partition Wall, Floor and Ceiling
# Box Speaker
# To Door Insulation Noise Control
# Noise Control For Music Studio, Hospital, Ulster, Hotels, Karaoke Room, Space Engineering, Housing, etc.

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