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Capital Soundproofing

Noise Vibrate Reduce
Noise Vibrate Reduce
Noise Vibrate Reduce
Noise Vibrate Reduce
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Description: Acoustic Board

Mat Resin 2A (Noise Vibration Reduce)
Mat Resin 2A Sound Insulation High-mass and viscoelastic Vibration Absorbers

BENEFIT Mat Resin 2A (Vibrate Reduce Noise):
Mass Material High-density 2000 K that have the value of a high Sound Transmission Loss
Visco Elastic material that can absorb vibration energy without causing flanking noise
allergy free
Free of toxic materials
Fire safety

Mat Resin 2A is the sound insulation material with a large mass weight. This material is sometimes called Mass Loaded Vinyl Sheet or barium. In addition to the ability of the sound insulation material is also good in reducing vibration due to viscoelastic properties. Made from a mixture of several materials and refined resin has a density of more than 2000 kilograms per cubic meter. This material has a length of one meter and one meter wide by 2 millimeters thick.

Mat Resin 2A has been tested in international laboratories and has been certified allergy-free, free of toxic materials, safety against fire risk and do not absorb moisture.

To make room soundproofing such as:
     Broadcast Music Recording Studio
     Home Theater
     Music Hall
     space Machine

Installation of the easiest methods is to put on the Mat Resin material walls, doors, windows, and ceiling to reduce sound leakage caused by water-borne.
Mat Resin 2A can also be applied to reduce the propagation of vibrations between two solid objects or Structure Borne Noise.

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