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K-array · Unique Audio Solutions
K-array · Unique Audio Solutions
K-array · Unique Audio Solutions
K-array · Unique Audio Solutions
K-array · Unique Audio Solutions
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Speaker Wall Mount

K-array · Unique Audio Solutions

K-array is a renowned manufacturer of unique audio solutions with our global headquarters in

Florence, Italy. Since 1990, we have concentrated our efforts and resources in the revolutionary

design and manufacture of highly efficient audio systems with impressive performance.

To be an inventor, you have to be a bit rebellious to go against the grain and that is what we set out

to do year after year with our innovative technologies and unparalleled solutions. We pride ourselves

on being unique to the market, inventing solutions never dreamed of before.

Whether a flexible, long speaker or extremely flat speaker boxes, we pioneer the design of audio

elements that are adaptable to a host of applications so that audio quality is never compromised.

Our creativity, culture and design come from our deeply-entrenched Italian roots and we aim to

demonstrate this through every facet of our creations. Crafted with artistry using premium materials,

K-array’s products are created right here in Tuscany. And accommodating our clients, colleagues

and partners with Italian hospitality means our tight-knit group is considered family.

That’s what we consider the K-EXPERIENCE

Product Collection

With an extensive portfolio of ultra-compact speakers for small, medium and large-scale

applications, including tfixed installations, event productions and live sound, K-array is exceeding

industry demands for speakers that are heard but not seen.

Installed Sound

A wide range of sound systems for commercial, institutional and public venues.

Portable Systems

Ultra-light, high-tech, powered speaker systems that are easy to setup and dismantle.

Concert Series

Lightweight and compact line array systems for festivals, touring and large events.

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