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Roofing Almunium Foam

AlmuniumFoam Thermal Insulation is a material free of fiber (fiber) for roof damper / wall hanging houses, factories, warehouses, sports arenas, and reduce noise from outside the building.

AlmuniumFoam Thermal Insulation serves to reflect the heat (reflective insulation), retains radiant barrier and conditions humidity in the building, so the room becomes cooler and more comfortable.

By using AlmuniumFoam Thermal Insulation, the use of AC becomes more efficient because:

1. The room is not too hot

2. The room becomes cool faster

EXCESS & FEATURES AlmuniumFoam Thermal Insulation:

- Using Aluminum with a purity of 96.55% and a thickness of 5 mm

- Materials Crosslinked Polyethylene - not easily torn, effectively resisting conduction, and durable

- effectively reflect heat

- Installation is very easy, fast, not affected by weather

- does not require wiremesh (chicken wire) for installation

- Does not cause allergies, itching, and does not interfere with health

- Not affected by mold, air humidity, and insects

- Helps with rainwater leakage

AlmuniumFoam Thermal Insulation Is Isolation foam coated with aluminum foil. Low thermal conductivity with dimensions of ata, ranging from 5 mm to 25 mm thick, 1 Meter Width, 25 Meter Length. This is effective in preventing dew formation caused by drastic changes in temperature. AlmuFoam Thermal Insulation is strongly recommended at intermediate temperatures from 40C to 70C.

Usefulness Isolation AlmuniumFoam Thermal Insulation:

Soundproof Layers in all types of buildings.

Layers of Ceiling and Wall Ceilings on Factory Buildings or Residential Houses.

Soundproof Layers on Vehicles, Trains etc.

Outer Layer ducting A / C

Ground Floor Layer on Data Center Space before installing Raised Floor

A / C Copper Pipe Layer

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