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IDR 297000.00

Specification of

Acourete Paint
Sound insulation fluids and Vibration Dampers

     Mass Material High-density 1600 K that have the value of a high Sound Transmission Loss
     Visco Elastic material that can absorb vibration energy without causing flanking noise
     allergy free
     Free of toxic materials
     Fire safety

Acourete Paint is a liquid sound insulation and vibration damping. Paint is a liquid base material polimers, fillers, binders and other additives. Acourete Paint can be attached to a variety of uneven surfaces, thin, or slippery. Acourete Paint can be applied by brush, roll or spray-gun. The pack in clean one-liter bottle sizes. Paint that has dried Acourete robust to changes in weather, moisture and blow.

Acourete Paint has been tested in international laboratories and has been certified allergy-free, free of toxic materials, safety against fire risk and do not absorb moisture.
Specifications Acourete Paint (Liquid Sound Insulation Vibration Dampers):
Graphs Natural Frequency and Loss Factor (Acourete Paint):
Pictures Project Acourete Paint (Liquid Sound Insulation and Vibration Silencer):
Applications Acourete Paint (Liquid Insulation Sound and Vibration Silencer):
Acourete Paint as a silencer on the car
Do It Yourself Car Sound Absorbers Application Acourete Paint

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